Columbus Art Memorial provides comprehensive memorial solutions for both individual families and large organizations (both public and private). We also offer high quality specialized services in bronze, restoration, commercial sand blasting of carbon steel, wood, glass and commercial glass beading of stainless steel. Much of our work has been recognized for its exceptional quality and outstanding value. Click here to view some of our products. If it is made of stone, Columbus Art Memorial can work on it for you.

To find out more about each type of service we offer please click on the links below.


Includes personal memorials and etchings, estate memorials, civic memorials, bronze and markers. We even offer services for pet markers. Our memorials are created through a multistep process that insures a quality product. We will guide you through each step and encourage you to add your input to help create a product that is distinctly unique. Civic memorials are usually larger in both size and development time and are typically created for large groups, businesses or organizations.

Commercial Glass Beading:

Includes services for blasting the smallest to the largest stainless steel pieces. Glass beading is used extensively for stainless steel. This process leaves a velvet finish impervious to rust and corrosion. Columbus Art Memorial can provide glass beading services for various sizes of stainless steel.

Sand Blasting:

Includes blasting of carbon steel, wood/wood signs, glass, address stones, boulders, benches or anything that needs sand blasting for corrosive, maintainance, or finish reasons. Our sand blasting services have many uses. The main purpose is to remove corrosion (primarily rust) or excessive paint off of carbon steel. Sand blasting carbon steel leaves a white metal finish that is ideal for initial priming and top coating. Sand blasting can also be used for stress relief in weldments, as well as for frosting of glass and plastic materials. We use a wide range of abrasives including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, walnut shell, cobb, or any other medium (2 year specification). Also, we have experience sand blasting wood signs, glass, bricks, pavers and boulders. Each kind of material must be sand blasted in a different way.


Over the years, Columbus Art Memorial has been involved in several large restoration projects. Our projects have varied in both size and type. Whether stone or metal, restoration preserves historic landmark pieces. Our enduring processes not only restore historic landmark pieces, but make it possible through the use of coatings and impregnators, to have a maintenance free landmark piece for decades into the future. We have restored Columbus State's Christopher Columbus statue, Schiller Park's Schiller statue, the PAN statue in front of the Columbus Public Library, and the bronze statues at the Pontifical College of Josephinum to name a few. There are many different types of restoration, and if you think you may have a project for us please contact us to see if we can help you. Click here to view some of the restoration projects we have worked on.

Commercial Bronze:

We have worked with the Ohio State University and many other Central Ohio business's on their commercial bronze needs.